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Registration and permit fees

All pet cats and dogs in NSW must be registered on the NSW Pet Registry either by 12 weeks of age or immediately upon transfer (whichever happens first).

Until payment is made, your pet is not registered and you may be liable for fines, including a fixed penalty notice of $330. A late payment fee will also be applied if you do not pay registration when required.

You only need to pay the registration fee once, when you first take ownership of a pet. It covers the cat or dog for its lifetime in NSW, even if ownership changes.

Breeders must register puppies and kittens in their own name and pay the once-only registration fee if they are still in their care at 12 weeks of age.

Find out how to register cats and dogs in NSW.

What pet registration fees support in NSW

Pet registration fees and annual permit fees contribute directly to the Companion Animals Fund. This helps fund public services that support pets and their owners, such as:

  • shelter and pound facilities
  • ranger services
  • dog off-leash areas
  • educational programs and initiatives promoting responsible pet ownership.

Your fees also fund the NSW Pet Registry. This is an essential tool that helps ensure the wellbeing of pets and creates a community that values responsible pet ownership.

Annual permits for cats and dogs in NSW

Owners need to pay an annual permit fee for:

  • non-desexed cats over 4 months of age
  • restricted dog breeds
  • dogs declared to be dangerous.

Currently, you must pay for these permits through your local council.