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NSW Pet Registry

Welcome to the NSW Pet Registry – the digital home for cats and dogs in New South Wales. Use this tool to officially manage your responsibilities as a pet owner or breeder.

Register your pet, update your details, transfer ownership and more on the digital NSW Pet Registry

Microchip litters, mark pets as lost or found and update animal details. 

Man sitting at their kitchen table using a laptop with a cat on their lap. Credit: FG Trade

Register cats and dogs online.

Caramel dog with its head out of window of a moving car. Credit: Chalabala

Help reunite lost pets with owners.

Kitten sitting on owner's lap while they are using their mobile phone. Credit: Vladans

Pay the correct fee for your pet.

Bring a new pet home

Are you ready to meet your new feline or canine family member? Learn about adopting a rescue pet or buying from a breeder (runts and rascals are all welcome).

Man sitting on park bench with 2 small dogs and a cat. Credit: Jevtic

The NSW Pet Registry is managed by the Office of Local Government