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Owning a pet greyhound is no different to owning any other pet. Your responsibilities as a pet owner are the same. This includes:

  • taking care of your pet
  • ensuring they are microchipped before you take ownership
  • registering them on the NSW Pet Registry
  • maintaining effective control of your dog while in public.

Racing and former racing greyhounds

Please contact the Office of Local Government for any questions about registering ex-racing greyhounds as your own pet on the NSW Pet Registry.

Please contact Greyhound Racing NSW for questions about racing greyhounds.

Please contact the Greyhound Welfare and Integrity Commission for questions about the welfare of racing and ex-racing greyhounds.

Key resources

Removal of the muzzling requirement for pet greyhounds (FAQ) (PDF 218 KB)

Guidelines for approval as a greyhound re-training program under clause 33B(1)(a) of the Companion Animals Regulation  2008 (PDF, 299 KB)

Greenhounds program, including a current list of approved greyhound re-training programs